Smart car algorithm will detect pedestrians in real-time

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Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a pedestrian detection system for smart vehicles which can detect pedestrians in near real-time to help ensure the streets remain safe in the era of semi-autonomous and driverless cars.

Results we’re obtaining with this new algorithm are substantially better for...

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Jaguar Land Rover launch a "living lab" for CAV technologies

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the launch of a 41-mile "living lab" on public roads to support the development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology. 

The so-called "UK Connected Intelligent Transport Environment", or UK-CITE, is located around Coventry and Solihull and will be used for testing new connected car technologies in real-world driving conditions for a more thorough idea of how they will fare outside the controlled lab. 

UK-CITE is the first test route capable of testing...

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Editorial: Ford seeks pole position in self-driving future

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During a visit to Ford's innovation centre in Germany last month, ConnectedCar Tech took a look at some of the company's latest advancements and gained some insight about where the motoring giant is heading when it comes to fully-autonomous vehicles. 

Ford made a couple of related announcements this week, the first being the company has developed a "dynamic" Uber-like...

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Security experts warn your connected car is easily traceable


Sometimes it’s useful to keep track of where our vehicle is, like when it’s lost in a car park, but on most occasions we just want that information to be available to us alone. Yet a cybersecurity expert has warned that your connected car is not as secure as you would expect, and could reveal your location unless core technology is tweaked.

Dr Jonathan Petit, principal scientist at Security Innovation and researcher at the University of Twente, made the warning after an...

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Connected Cars don't care about privacy, according to study

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Cars are getting more human-like in their abilities, but according to new research they don't give the same regard to privacy that (most) humans would. A study conducted by German motorists’ organisation ADAC has found that - in addition to trip and distance data - one recent vehicle reported maximum engine revolutions, the status of vehicle lights, and far more...

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HERE conducts hazard alert trial for vehicles – achieves five second reports

Just yesterday, we reported Ford has developed a V2V system for hazard reporting which alerts other drivers and vehicles to upcoming problems. Today it's the turn of Nokia-owned location intelligence and mapping specialists, HERE, who are testing a simpler but more readily-available solution for drivers to report problems on the road. 

Whereas Ford uses a complicated system which...

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Ford develops V2V system to warn drivers of hazards

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Safety is a big concern with vehicles, whether automated or not. Car manufacturer Ford has developed a V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communications system which can warn other drivers of upcoming hazards and road blockages in real-time to help keep journeys safe, fast, and stress-free for everyone. 

Built in collaboration with St Petersburg State Polytechnic University, the...

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Microsoft aims to be the Chief of your Cortana-powered car

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Microsoft plans to partner with Taiwanese partners to launch their connected car platform. Samuel Shen, Chief Operating Officer at the Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, revealed the company has created a prototype car powered by the Cortana virtual assistant. 

During his opening keynote speech at the TechDays Taiwan developer conference, Shen discussed cost being a previous barrier: “We have not launched similar...

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BMW debuts connected car features, includes Gear S2 integration

(Image Credit: BMW)

German automobile maker BMW has unveiled several new connected car features which it hopes will help their vehicles differentiate from competitors. 

The company's flagship vehicles, the BMW i3 and BMW i8, both feature integrated SIM cards through which the vehicle can interact with the internet and the increasing amount of "things" being connected to it as part of the IoT. 

BMW has put a focus on harnessing the latest technologies outside of the company's...

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Google lets Android Auto developers run their apps on PC

(Image Credit: Google)

A new tool has been released for Google’s connected car platform called Desktop Head Unit (DHU) which emulates a car dashboard running Android Auto for testing purposes. 

Instead of forking-out cold hard cash for an expensive head unit, all developers need to do is connect their Android device to a computer and the mobile device will think it's connected to a physical car. This allows developers to see how their...

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TomTom improves your driving skills with real-time feedback

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We might be entering the era of driverless cars, but for the time being the majority of us will remain in control which means the only errors we can blame are our own. This is where TomTom wants to step-in and help prevent our human mistakes from occuring with an innovative connected car application.

TomTom's system allows for a more-detailed look at driving performance

Dubbed TomTom CURFER, the new technology provides real-time feedback on the...