Is Google really likely to eliminate human driving in five years?


Being a driver in the year 2015 is said to be “one of the most stressful activities in our lives”, with heart rate, adrenaline levels and stress hormones increasing in particular driving situations. However, with vehicle numbers surging, traffic has also hit an all time high. As a result, there has been even more road accidents, with a shocking 193,290 reported casualties and 24,580 people...

By Andrew Ashby, 19 November 2015, 0 comments. Categories: Driverless.

How safe and secure are autonomous vehicles?


There is widespread discussion that driverless cars, and more broadly autonomous vehicles, will monumentally change the landscape of the automotive industry, arguably creating the biggest transformation of society’s view of the vehicle in the last 150 years.

Public acceptance of the vehicle began following the ‘Red Flag Act’ of 1865 when, by the 1890s, it became the ‘norm’ to see motor vehicles mingling, albeit uncomfortably, with the horse and...