RealVNC partners with Hughes Systique for MirrorLink applications


Architecture and software engineering services provider Hughes Systique (HSC) is collaborating with virtual network computing (VNC) technology provider RealVNC for a set of MirrorLink and VNC enhanced-based products and applications.

RealVNC advocates open standards, and has published the VNC protocol, which is a core component of the MirrorLink standard, over 10 years ago.  The company is technology agnostic and readily embrace complementary standards such as Apple CarPlay and...

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ETSI to explore adopting MirrorLink as technical specification


The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has announced a cooperation agreement to formally explore MirrorLink, created by the Consortium, as an official ETSI Technical Specification.

ETSI's standards underline much of the most widely used and popular technologies in the world, including electronic signatures, smart cards, DECT and GSM. It has brought together car industry stakeholders to form its intelligent transport systems...

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Qualcomm’s new auto-focused CPU wants to be the master of multitasking

Semiconductor designer Qualcomm has let loose the 602A on the vehicle world, its latest Snapdragon silicon aimed at the connected car.

Qualcomm’s automotive-grade infotainment chipset seems to have been built with an emphasis on modern car technology having to perform a number of different processing tasks for its drivers and passengers.

The 602A supports multiple operating systems, complex user applications, enhanced 3D navigation, high-resolution, sophisticated graphics and human-machine interfaces,...

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2014: The year connected cars roared into adolescence


It has been a big year for connected cars. Automakers, handset vendors, app developers and aftermarket CE manufacturers have graduated from a primary education in the best ways to support car and smartphone connectivity. There is now a solid outline of what the future body of connected driving will look like.

As the anatomy fills out, we have learned some critical lessons. Most importantly, smartphones are without question the brain of the connected car organism. They have the...

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Intel’s Tizen OS makes the jump to Connected Car hardware

Picture credit: RealVNC

Infotainment communications system MirrorLink has announced the successful integration of its technology with the Intel-based Tizen in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) reference platform.

Remote access technology provider RealVNC was behind the port of its VNC Automotive SDK to Tizen IVI, the automotive profile of the Tizen open source platform, which means Intel’s Tizen OS will now be able to communicate with Mirrorlink-enabled devices including Samsung, Nokia and HTC.


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