How MIPI is aiming to change the future of the connected car


The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in September 2016 announced a new Federal Automated Vehicles Policy “…to help facilitate the responsible introduction of automated vehicles to make transportation safer, cleaner, more accessible, and more efficient.” 

In a report dated September 29, 2016, Gartner shared “The production of new...

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Digitech announces investment in connected car firm CarForce

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CarForce, a Houston-based connected car company, has received funding from Digitech Venture Capital Fund, alongside technology incubator Seed Sumo and early Uber investor Jason Calacanis.

CarForce allows its vehicle dealership customers to seamlessly share their maintenance and safety data on its cloud-based platform. The company has developed a cloud-based SaaS solution that allows connected car telematics to provide dealerships with real-time updates on the health of their...

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Can connected cars drive IoT monetisation?


Industrial IoT (IIoT) continues to garner most of the investment activity and generate most of the revenue in the space. In the instrumented construction equipment space, for example, the market is so mature that equipment users expect that predictive maintenance savings are already reflected in pricing.

Increasingly they also expect to be compensated for allowing the equipment supplier to make use of “their” data. Conversely, business models for consumer IoT...

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Vodafone working with Skoda to connect new Kodiaq model


Vodafone has announced it is providing connectivity for the new Skoda Kodiaq, launched last week.

In a short news alert, the telco confirmed the Kodiaq will be equipped with a specialised SIM card, which keeps the vehicle connected to the Vodafone network and enables the vehicle’s driver to keep on top of various information, including whether the car is locked, its location, as well as automatically contacting the Skoda emergency call centre in the event of an accident.


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Keeping up with 4G: Why the connected car industry is raring to go mainstream


MWC 2016 was  something of a watershed for the connected car. While the connected car arrived a few years ago, this year we saw that it is raring to go mainstream. Ford and Nissan had their own stands at the show and Jaguar was showing off the new F-Pace, its ‘most connected car to date’.

This is not a new trend, but notable was the fact that more and more firms who are not directly part of the automotive industry also featured vehicles on their stands. AT&T and...

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Challenges and opportunities as the automotive industry morphs into the software business

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Remember when a car was just a car? The automotive industry was all about how fast, how far, how safe, and how reliable their cars were. And, they got very good at it, having decades of expertise in developing and promoting safety standards and performance benchmarks to ensure the safety – and loyalty – of their customers.

Enter the connected car. Now, the industry finds itself at a crossroads. The fact is, the connected car is here to stay, and as it is with virtually...

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Bosch develops cloud-based wrong way driver warning system

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Bosch has developed a new cloud-based driver warning system that alerts drivers within seconds if they are going in the wrong direction.

The system was designed in response to a study that found that nearly one-third of all wrong-way accidents took place within 500 metres of the vehicle entering the incorrect lane.

Conventional radio broadcasts often take minutes to warn the driver, which may often prove too late to prevent an accident. The new cloud-based warning system, on the...

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INRIX launches INRIX Road Weather to improve driver safety


Big data technology firm INRIX has launched its new INRIX Road Weather service to provide critical road condition information to drivers in Europe and North America.

The new service provides information on road precipitation, surface condition visibility and other characteristics of the road itself, distinguishing itself from other conventional weather information solutions. It also provides road condition update alerts every 15 minutes.

INRIX Road Weather was developed by the...

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Google outlines patent for autonomous vehicles to understand cyclists’ hand signals

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A patent from Google for a technology which enables self-driving cars to detect hand signals from cyclists has been released.

The patent, U.S. Patent 9,014,905, credits Henrik Kretzschmar and Jiajun Zhu as the inventors, and defines as its abstract: “Methods and systems for detecting hand signals of a cyclist by an autonomous vehicle are described.

“An example method may involve a computing device receiving a plurality of data points corresponding to an environment of an...

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IBM and Peugeot buddy up for new connected car services


IBM and Peugeot have announced a partnership to help better analyse data to deliver new services from connected vehicles.

The latest move, which builds upon the two firms’ partnership from last year for big data and analytics tools, aims to allow Peugeot to develop new business opportunities for a variety of industries, including automotive distribution, smarter cities, and retail. Financial terms of the seven-year deal were not disclosed.

The two companies also noted the importance of...

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