General Motors and IBM come together for OnStar Go utilising Watson


Millions of General Motors (GM) car owners will be able to connect and interact with their favourite brands with the help of OnStar Go. The OnStar Go is auto industry’s first cognitive mobility platform developed by GM and IBM amalgamating their respective technological platforms – Onstar and Watson.

OnStar is GM’s subsidiary that provides subscription-based communications, in-vehicle security, hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote diagnostics...

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Digitech announces investment in connected car firm CarForce

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CarForce, a Houston-based connected car company, has received funding from Digitech Venture Capital Fund, alongside technology incubator Seed Sumo and early Uber investor Jason Calacanis.

CarForce allows its vehicle dealership customers to seamlessly share their maintenance and safety data on its cloud-based platform. The company has developed a cloud-based SaaS solution that allows connected car telematics to provide dealerships with real-time updates on the health of their...

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Volkswagen moves to Iceland data centre


German automaker Volkswagen has shifted more than one megawatt of its high performance computing (HPC) applications to the Verne Global data centre campus in Iceland, which features a hybrid data approach.

With this move, Volkswagen aims to capitalise on the data centre's flexible density, variable resiliency, and reliable and scalable infrastructure to support its computing-intensive HPC applications in order to develop new automotive technology and cars.

The automaker is focused...

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Can connected cars drive IoT monetisation?


Industrial IoT (IIoT) continues to garner most of the investment activity and generate most of the revenue in the space. In the instrumented construction equipment space, for example, the market is so mature that equipment users expect that predictive maintenance savings are already reflected in pricing.

Increasingly they also expect to be compensated for allowing the equipment supplier to make use of “their” data. Conversely, business models for consumer IoT...

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Singapore selects Delphi as strategic partner for autonomous vehicle mobility program

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The Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) has selected Delphi Automotive as its strategic partner for a pilot program to implement autonomous mobility concepts. Delphi will aim to provide a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles, and will develop a cloud-based mobility-on-demand software (AMoD) suite.

The AMoD development program and autonomous vehicle demonstration is part of the Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (SAVI), which was formed in 2014 to oversee and manage...

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Volkswagen and LG to collaborate on connected car service platform


The Volkswagen Group and LG Electronics have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see the companies jointly work on research and development towards a new connected car service platform.

The MoU builds on collaboration between the companies that is already underway as seen in March 2015, when Volkswagen subsidiary Italdesign Guigiaro showcased its GEA concept car at the Geneva Motor Show with seven key components supplied by LG Electronics, including the holographic...

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Closing connected car vulnerabilities quickly and reliably – via the cloud


When car manufacturers have to implement security updates or patches to connected cars, time is of the essence. Fluctuating connection speeds and network coverage of mobile networks aggravate the issue, but a cloud-based over the air (OTA) connected vehicle solution can provide the answer.  With it, the delivery of critical updates can be accelerated while the data centre being used to deliver the update can be protected against DDoS attacks.

No matter how huge the benefits of...

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Intel acquires Itseez to boost computer vision capabilities


Intel has acquired Itseez, an expert in computer vision algorithms and implementations for embedded and specialised hardware.

Itseez provides software tuning and integration in many market-leading products shipping from cars to security systems and other applications. The acquisition gives Intel an advantage in catering to IoT market segments like automotive and video, where the ability to electronically perceive and understand images makes way for innovation and positive prospects.

“Intel is...

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TEXA renews agreement for use of Interoute’s network and cloud services


Automotive diagnostics provider TEXA has renewed its agreement with cloud services provider Interoute, with the latter continuing to serve as ICT provider.

TEXA’s product range comprises remote diagnostic tools for trucks, cars, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles and marine engines. TEXA’s TEXA MOBILE Diagnostic (TMD), a small box enabled with GPS and GSM/GPRS, is utilised to locate vehicles, exchange real time information with drivers, as well as monitor components and...

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TeliaSonera develops connected car solution for Nordic and Baltic countries


In order to make the best of the IoT solutions market, TeliaSonera has developed a connected car solution, known as Telia Sense, targeting the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The cloud-based solution can be used on new as well as old vehicles and comprises three parts – a monthly subscription, an app for smartphones and a vehicle telematics unit equipped with a SIM-card that connects to the OBD2-port.

TeliaSonera will first launch the solution in Sweden in 2016, with...

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Challenges and opportunities as the automotive industry morphs into the software business

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Remember when a car was just a car? The automotive industry was all about how fast, how far, how safe, and how reliable their cars were. And, they got very good at it, having decades of expertise in developing and promoting safety standards and performance benchmarks to ensure the safety – and loyalty – of their customers.

Enter the connected car. Now, the industry finds itself at a crossroads. The fact is, the connected car is here to stay, and as it is with virtually...

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Bosch develops cloud-based wrong way driver warning system

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Bosch has developed a new cloud-based driver warning system that alerts drivers within seconds if they are going in the wrong direction.

The system was designed in response to a study that found that nearly one-third of all wrong-way accidents took place within 500 metres of the vehicle entering the incorrect lane.

Conventional radio broadcasts often take minutes to warn the driver, which may often prove too late to prevent an accident. The new cloud-based warning system, on the...

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Corvette hack: More evidence that in the race for the IoT, security is not in mind?

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In July, this publication reported on the recall of 1.4 million Chrysler cars following an article in Wired whereby a Jeep was remotely exploited by hackers in a controlled experiment, ranging from turning the radio volume to full to cutting the transmission.

At the time, security analysts argued “this won’t be the last patch we see for a car near...

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Visteon unveils raft of new connected car features

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Global automotive supplier Visteon has lifted the lid on its own interpretation of where the connected car industry is headed over the next few years.

With eyes as far ahead as 2018, Visteon has announced details of its Fusion connected platform that it says will launch in four years time. The infotainment platform bundles together driver information, infotainment and Cloud connectivity into a human machine interaction (HMI) experience.

Visteon’s Tim Yerdon, global leader,...