Intel acquires Itseez to boost computer vision capabilities


Intel has acquired Itseez, an expert in computer vision algorithms and implementations for embedded and specialised hardware.

Itseez provides software tuning and integration in many market-leading products shipping from cars to security systems and other applications. The acquisition gives Intel an advantage in catering to IoT market segments like automotive and video, where the ability to electronically perceive and understand images makes way for innovation and positive prospects.

“Intel is focused on delivering end to end IoT solutions addressing devices, wired and wireless networks and the cloud,” said Doug Davis, Intel SVP and IoT general manager in a company blog post announcing the news. “The IoT future we’re building for our customers is exciting, and the talented team at Itseez will help us get there faster,” he added.

The tech giant is looking to play a key role in providing IoT experiences such as autonomous driving as the company makes the transition from being a PC company to on that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices. In order to facilitate its growth in this direction.

Even as Americans spend 75 billion hours driving on an annual basis, Morgan Stanley estimates that self-driving cars could provide productivity gains worth $507 billion per year. In order to provide self-driving technology to consumers, the development of solutions that combine compute, connectivity, security, machine learning, human machine interfaces and functional safety will be necessary. Among the myriad of technologies required, computer vision is a critical component as self-driving cars require the ability to see and accurately interpret surroundings.

Computer vision includes methods for acquiring, processing, analysing and understanding images from the real world in order to make informed decisions and automate actions. The technology also finds application in security systems and medical imaging among others.

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