Statista foresees 40% revenue increase for UK connected car market in 2016


Statista’s Digital Market Outlook (DMO) estimates that approximately 8.6 million intelligent cars will be on UK roads by 2020, up from close to 1.8 million in 2016. Across the globe, the figure will reach 160 million vehicles by 2020. Though Google and Apple have already made moves in this market, Microsoft is looking to take this market by storm.

The DMO estimates that the largest segment of this market is security and driving assistance and not infotainment. China is...

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Microsoft and Volvo come together for next generation automotive technologies


Microsoft will collaborate with Volvo Cars on the development of automotive technologies in a variety of areas.

The companies demonstrated the use of Microsoft HoloLens to improve the auto customer experience. The HoloLens technology has the potential to open new sales channels by allowing dealers to provide prospective customers with a car configurator on the road or at shopping malls.

Volvo Cars senior vice president of marketing sales and service Björn Annwall, said:...

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Microsoft aims to be the Chief of your Cortana-powered car

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Microsoft plans to partner with Taiwanese partners to launch their connected car platform. Samuel Shen, Chief Operating Officer at the Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, revealed the company has created a prototype car powered by the Cortana virtual assistant. 

During his opening keynote speech at the TechDays Taiwan developer conference, Shen discussed cost being a previous barrier: “We have not launched similar...

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Ford launches Sync 3, switches from Microsoft to BlackBerry

US Car manufacturer Ford has announced Sync 3, the latest edition of its communications and entertainment system.

Ford’s new system signals a switch in allegiance too, with the company dispensing with Microsoft Auto and opting for BlackBerry’s QNX platform instead. Early signs suggest that it has been a good move for the car manufacturer.

Prior to Sync 3, Ford’s earlier attempts at touch-screen infotainment left a little to be desired. Problems ranged from minor bugs to sporadic hard resets...

Microsoft and Nissan outsource “the car of the future”

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Nissan has partnered with Microsoft to launch a competition that the two companies hope will find in-car technology’s next big thing.

Aimed at product designers and engineers from various backgrounds, it is hoped that everybody from students to IT professionals will want to submit a technology idea for the the two company’s connected car competition.

Microsoft and Nissan hope to entice entrants with the...

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