TomTom improves your driving skills with real-time feedback

(Image Credit: TomTom)

We might be entering the era of driverless cars, but for the time being the majority of us will remain in control which means the only errors we can blame are our own. This is where TomTom wants to step-in and help prevent our human mistakes from occuring with an innovative connected car application.

TomTom's system allows for a more-detailed look at driving performance

Dubbed TomTom CURFER, the new technology provides real-time feedback on the user's driving skills and provides visual information on where they need to improve. The system takes into account a range of data such as braking, cornering, acceleration, and idling to ensure drivers are safe and not a danger to themselves or other road users. 

“This new aftermarket solution brings the benefits of our advanced, cloud-based, fleet management technology to all drivers and passenger cars," said Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director, TomTom Telematics. 

He continues: “It also demonstrates the opportunities the TomTom LINK 100 and its OBD.connect SDK offer third-party developers for creating mobile apps that make use of real-time vehicle and driving data.” 

In order for CURFER to monitor a user's driving skills, the TomTom LINK 100 dongle must be connected to the vehicle's OBD port which allows the system to read detailed information about the vehicle. The dongle then connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to give the driver a more-detailed look at how they drive. 

To encourage safe driving, CURFER allows drivers to share this information over social networks and compare their performance with others in order to earn recognition such as digital badges. It's a clever gamification method which helps to ensure users are retained and do not lose interest. 

It will be interesting to see how such a system could affect driving insurance. Already some car insurers are lowering prices - particularly for young drivers - if they agree to be fitted with boxes which provide speed readings. TomTom's system allows for a more-detailed look at driving performance which could lead to even lower premiums. 

TomTom CURFER is available on from £79.00. 

Do you think real-time monitoring of a driver's skills is a good idea? Let us know in the comments.

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