TomTom Telematics collaborating with Sage to provide real-time accounting for fleets


TomTom Telematics is partnering with Sage to provide real-time accounting for companies with fleets of vehicles.

The collaboration will witness the integration of TomTom WEBFLEET and Sage Live, with customers of the latter solution now being offered an automatic view of fleet data from connected vehicles – including trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Sage is a company that provides cloud accounting software. WEBFLEET is used by small to large businesses to help...

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Boston Consulting Group argues how adoption of self-driving cars could transform cities


A new report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released in partnership with the World Economic Forum has found that the adoption of self-driving cars and self-driving taxis could lead to a 90% reduction in accidents, an 80% or higher decline in tailpipe emissions and a 60% fall in the number of vehicles on city roads.

Nikolaus Lang, a BCG senior partner and report co-author, said: “There is a compelling case...

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How telematics data was used to provide evidence in liability trial


Telematics data from Insure The Box was successfully utilised in the defence of a policyholder in a liability trial at Wandsworth County Court, an industry first, the company has announced. Usually, Insure The Box makes use of telematics data daily to ensure the efficient and quick payment of legitimate claims. The veracity of the telematics data helped Insure The Box defend proceedings issued against its customer as opposed to the third party’s version of events.


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Honda to collaborate with SoftBank towards research on AI for mobility


Honda R&D, a subsidiary of Japanese automotive firm Honda, is planning to undertake a joint research project with SoftBank aimed at making use of the “emotion engine”, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by SoftBank-owned Cocoro SB for mobility applications.

In a short press release, the company confirmed the collaboration will work towards the development of mobility products that make use of interactions with the driver, in addition to...

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AI software startup FiveAI raises $2.7 million to power autonomous vehicles


FiveAI, an AI software startup targeting autonomous vehicles, has raised $2.7 million in funding in a round led by Amadeus Capital Partners with participation from Spring Partners and Notion Capital.

The company is aiming to utilise the latest in computer vision and AI/machine learning to ensure self-driving cars comprehend and navigate their immediate environment. FiveAI plans to reach simulator and supervised road testing before raising a...

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Civil Maps raises $6.6m in Ford-led funding round

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Civil Maps, a developer of 3D mapping technology for fully autonomous vehicles, has raised $6.6 million (£5m) in a seed funding round. The company aims to ensure smooth and safe operation of fully autonomous vehicles.

Civil Maps turns sensor data into coherent map information for fully autonomous vehicles (SAE Levels 4-5) by leveraging artificial intelligence and vehicle-based local processing. The company will use the seed investment to accelerate product development and...

PATEO using Sierra Wireless modules for cellular connectivity in Geely vehicles


PATEO, a provider of products and services for connected cars in China specialising in telematics and infotainment systems, has chosen Sierra Wireless’ AirPrime AR Series modules to provide cellular connectivity for its telematics units being deployed in automotive vehicles for the China market.

PATEO possesses a substantial share in the market for self-owned, joint venture and luxury brand markets in China. Delivery of Sierra Wireless’ automotive-grade AR Series...

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The major benefits of hybrid cars – and the technologies underpinning them


People buy cars they benefit from – whether it’s merely the compliments they receive on the colour or body or the time it takes off their commute. The problem with this is that they are uninformed about the multiple advantages of owning a hybrid model or how a hybrid works. This article will share the benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle and explain the technology that makes a hybrid unique to the automotive industry.

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car is a vehicle...

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Jaguar Land Rover to test connected vehicle technologies in over 100 research vehicles


Jaguar Land Rover is set to develop and trial a large portfolio of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies in a fleet of over 100 research vehicles over the next four years. The initial batch of these vehicles will be tested on a new 41 mile test route on motorways and urban roads around Coventry and Solihull throughout 2016.

Tony Harper, Head of Research, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Our connected and automated technology could help improve traffic flow, cut congestion and...

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Ocean developing ‘out of home’ vehicle recognition technology with Renault


Ocean Outdoor, a UK-based boutique media provider, has been working with Renault to develop what is claimed to be pioneering out-of-home vehicle recognition technology, which has been tested over the past 12 months. The technology is set to be launched for the first time with a campaign featuring the All-New Renault Mégane.

Ocean’s technology provides brands with highly defined targeting and greater efficiency than standard out-of-home play-out, eliminating wastage while...

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Volkswagen and LG to collaborate on connected car service platform


The Volkswagen Group and LG Electronics have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see the companies jointly work on research and development towards a new connected car service platform.

The MoU builds on collaboration between the companies that is already underway as seen in March 2015, when Volkswagen subsidiary Italdesign Guigiaro showcased its GEA concept car at the Geneva Motor Show with seven key components supplied by LG Electronics, including the holographic...

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Meet Olli – a self-driving bus powered by IBM Watson insights

Picture credit: localmotors/YouTube

Local Motors has announced the development of its self-driving bus, dubbed ‘Olli’, powered by the advanced cognitive computing of IBM Watson. The electric vehicle, which can carry up to 12 people, facilitates natural interaction between the passenger and the vehicle. From today onwards, Olli will be used on public roads locally in DC, and late in 2016 in Miami-Dade County and Las Vegas.

Olli makes use of the...

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Chevrolet drops 4G LTE data pricing by up to half

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In order to further boost adoption of 4G LTE, GM’s Chevrolet has ensured a price reduction of 50% in its OnStar data plans for the technology.

Chevrolet is the first automaker to offer 4G LTE connectivity across its entire retail portfolio and the brand has sold more than 2.1 million OnStar 4G LTE-connected vehicles since June 2014. Chevrolet customers have used more than 3 million gigabytes of data in just two years and the figures are only set to maintain an upward...

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How a dealership’s customer loyalty can be improved using connected car technology


Most of us take part in customer loyalty programs of airlines, large retail chains and hotels, but very few use car dealerships’ loyalty programs.  Clients of car dealerships often benefit from such programs even without knowing it, and the programs themselves do not always offer sufficient incentives for clients to return and order services.

Telematics should change this situation by making loyalty programs work for both dealerships and clients and offering discounts to those...

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BMW, Intel, and Mobileye partner to bring self-driving vehicles on the road by 2021


Automated driving is expected to benefit people and transform society. However, the roadmap is complex and will require end-to-end solutions that combine intelligence across the network. In order to navigate this issue and provide a solution, the BMW Group is collaborating with Intel and Mobileye to ensure highly and fully automated driving into series production by 2021.

The goal of the partnership is to come up with future-proofed solutions that progressively allow vehicles to function...

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Opinion: Can we properly protect the connected car?


We’re entering an incredibly exciting time for the automotive industry. The connected car in all its forms is now very much a reality. By 2020 it’s expected there will be nearly a quarter of a billion of them on the world’s roads and that means we’re poised for something of a revolution.

The rise of the connected car is bringing about some fascinating new opportunities for in-car entertainment and communications. Beyond that, it promises a whole new world where...

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RealVNC partners with Hughes Systique for MirrorLink applications


Architecture and software engineering services provider Hughes Systique (HSC) is collaborating with virtual network computing (VNC) technology provider RealVNC for a set of MirrorLink and VNC enhanced-based products and applications.

RealVNC advocates open standards, and has published the VNC protocol, which is a core component of the MirrorLink standard, over 10 years ago.  The company is technology agnostic and readily embrace complementary standards such as Apple CarPlay and...

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