SmartDeviceLink creates new portal for developers of in car apps


A new developer programme has been created by SmartDeviceLink, which aims to make it easier for developers to access the information they need to build new apps and services for the connected car.

Created by Ford, the smartphone app interface SmartDeviceLink is the open source software on which the Ford AppLink platform is built. It enables consumers an easier way to access their favourite smartphone apps via voice command or touch screen interface.

As part of Ford Sync AppLink is...

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A third of US consumers want connected car features – but today’s solutions fail to satisfy


The connected car market is developing fast but do consumers actually want the technology? A new report says that in the US at least they do.

The analysis by Forrester Research showed that a third of US adults wanted connected car features. The figure is lower in most of Europe but higher in Asia. IN the US the 25 to 44 age year group showed the highest interest in such features.

The Forrester study showed that 31% of US adults who either own or lease a vehicle were interested in having...

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Volkswagen ensures mobile compatibility with RealVNC partnership


Automotive giant Volkswagen has expanded a five-year relationship with RealVNC to enable it to ensure a consistent quality user experience in its cars – whatever handset the user is using.

Using its VNS Automotive Mirrorlink Certified solution car owners are able to pair their car with their smartphone. This then allows their devices to perform numerous functions within the car – from streaming movies to the backseats to running mapping applications on the centre...

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Ethernet cables improve connected car efficiency

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/adrian825)

The introduction of Automotive Ethernet would significantly reduce vehicle weight, and better manage the complex transfer of data within connected vehicles according to Ninad Deshpande, a specialist in Open Technologies at B&R Industrial Automation.

In a speech during the Automotive Megatrends conference in India, Deshpande said the introduction of Ethernet in the automobile...

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Self-driving cars nearer to reality as further companies join the drive

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Geber86)

Autonomous cars were once the subject of futuristic movies, but are now closer to reality than ever with Samsung being the latest manufacturer focusing on self-driving car technologies.

The company has created a new division that will focus on building self-driving car components, though hasn’t yet revealed much more about its plans. Hyundai, meanwhile, has revealed that it is...

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Volvo to launch Apple CarPlay in 2016 XC90 crossover model – alongside Sensus Connect

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/Sjoerd van der Wal)

Nearly two years after being one of the first automakers to announce plans to integrate Apple’s CarPlay into future models – Volvo will launch with the software in the US starting with its 2016 Volvo XC90 crossover model.

The iOS connected car software will be implemented alongside Volvo’s own in-vehicle Sensus Connect touchscreen platform. It will be...

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New app and intelligent street pole from Etisalat aims to improve driver and pedestrian safety

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/wx-bradwang)

A multi-function smart pole was shown at the IoT World Forum in Dubai which could help to ensure pedestrian safety, detect speeding vehicles, and reduce electricity consumption.

The functionalities are just a few of the possibilities of the new smart pole street lamp from Etisalat, which can act as a streetlamp, security camera, and even a WiFi hotspot, the company claims. With...

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Industry scepticism over Google claims of driverless cars within five years


Despite the vehicles we drive getting ever more intelligent, the claims by Google that it will eliminate human driving in five years with a fully automated product available by 2020 are bold to say the least, according to some in the industry.

Plextek Consulting, which designs new products, systems and services for clients across a range of industries, says instead that a driverless future can only become a reality with the coming together of a number of diverse stakeholders who will...

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Addison Lee launches Open API to allow third parties to integrate its services


Europe’s largest premium car service Addison Lee has now launched its API allowing customers, partners and affiliates the ability to integrate Addison Lee booking and related services into any website or application.

The move follows the news earlier this summer that it was partnering with MuleSoft to use its integration platform Anypoint to help the company deliver...

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Addison Lee extending range of services thanks to new API integration

Picture credit: Addison Lee

Europe’s largest premium car service Addison Lee is partnering with MuleSoft to use its integration platform to help the company deliver its mobile application in 350 locations worldwide, as well as speeding up the technology integration of its network of private car fleets worldwide.

Addison Lee will use MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, a complete solution for API-led connectivity that has already allowed Addison Lee to take advantage of the platform through the creation...

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PSA Peugeot Citroen to expand connected car services from 2017


PSA Peugeot Citroen is to launch a new range of value added connected services for its customers with its next generation launches in 2017 following an expansion of its partnership with Sierra Wireless.

The car company will expand its offering beyond the in-vehicle emergency notification system it introduced into its vehicles in 2003 to introduce a range of new IoT services. More than 1.6 million PSA Peugeot Citroen vehicles have been connected via Sierra Wireless and more than...

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