New app and intelligent street pole from Etisalat aims to improve driver and pedestrian safety

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/wx-bradwang)

A multi-function smart pole was shown at the IoT World Forum in Dubai which could help to ensure pedestrian safety, detect speeding vehicles, and reduce electricity consumption.

The functionalities are just a few of the possibilities of the new smart pole street lamp from Etisalat, which can act as a streetlamp, security camera, and even a WiFi hotspot, the company claims. With M2M connectivity thanks to the installation of a router and SIM card the units can be connected to a control centre from which pedestrians can be monitored, jay walkers detected, and speeding vehicles caught.

In addition, the smart lamp can reduce consumption of electricity by nearly 30% - with a 25% reduction after 10pm - and an additional 25% after 2am. Approaching traffic or an increase in pedestrian movement means the lamp effectively “wakes-up” and increases in intensity only when required.

The smart pole will also have a speaker system allowing for public broadcasts or emergency announcements to be made, and has the ability to have a speed camera fitted to it too.

The company also showcased its connected car app at the show. The app will roll out to new models of Nissan’s Maxima and Patrol vehicles in 2016 and will allow car owners to control their vehicles – whether remote starting, or switching-on and controlling the air conditioning, for example. The vehicles are fitted with multiple sensors and connected to an onboard diagnostics device (OBD) that is linked to the command centre.

Do you think Etisalat’s smart pole will help to improve road safety and electricity consumption? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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