Ford develops V2V system to warn drivers of hazards

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Safety is a big concern with vehicles, whether automated or not. Car manufacturer Ford has developed a V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communications system which can warn other drivers of upcoming hazards and road blockages in real-time to help keep journeys safe, fast, and stress-free for everyone. 

Built in collaboration with St Petersburg State Polytechnic University, the...

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How wireless charging is on the rise in cars


A note from Juniper Research argues that wireless charging will be offered in 50 million cars by 2020, up from just 4 million in 2014.

The study, titled 'Wireless Charging: Opportunities, Applications & Standards 2015-2020', also found that over a third of smartphones in 2020 will have inbuilt wireless charging and even more will have wireless charging enabled through accessories. Laptop makers are also looking to utilise the technology. By 2020, nearly 20% of laptops being used...

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The 10 ways autonomous vehicles will transform the automotive ecosystem


A report from McKinsey details 10 potential implications for driverless cars in the automotive ecosystem across three areas.

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is set to transform the economy, mobility, and society even as adoption with regards to specific parameters such as timing, uptake, and penetration is still unclear. Experts across the Europe, US and Asia foresee change in the automotive ecosystem in a number of areas.

The first era will witness the development of fully AVs for...

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Protect data well and get consumer confidence – then connected car potential is limitless


As new technology is developed and connected cars become increasingly popular, the insurance industry, the automotive industry and consumers are all becoming aware of what this might mean. The potential benefits are huge. Tailored insurance premiums, optimised services and personalised feedback are all within reach – but there are some who are concerned about their digital safety and data privacy.

In today’s world, the importance of data security and individuals’ control...

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Commercial telematics gains traction in emerging markets


An increase in vehicular crime and rising demand for commercial telematics is driving growth of technology in emerging markets such as China, Russia, Japan, Korea, and India, according to Reportlinker.

Several governments are enforcing stringent regulations and making mandatory the provision of theft protection systems. For example, the Brazilian government has made it compulsory for stolen vehicle tracking to be installed as standard on all new vehicles due to high crime rates in the...

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Ford works with Nuance for in-car software to enable all drivers to be heard


Automotive giant Ford has worked with Nuance Communications to enable its SYNC in-car software to understand a multitude of accents in a variety of languages.

The launch, timed with the European Day of Languages, allows drivers to make calls, play music, and set navigation in their local accent, increasing convenience and recognising diversity.

Ford of Europe Electronic and Electrical Systems Engineering global chief engineer, Christof Kellerwessel, said, “People rightly...

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Challenges and opportunities as the automotive industry morphs into the software business

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Remember when a car was just a car? The automotive industry was all about how fast, how far, how safe, and how reliable their cars were. And, they got very good at it, having decades of expertise in developing and promoting safety standards and performance benchmarks to ensure the safety – and loyalty – of their customers.

Enter the connected car. Now, the industry finds itself at a crossroads. The fact is, the connected car is here to stay, and as it is with virtually...

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Industry panel analyses connected car security and app ecosystem


Consumer adoption of connected cars will not be achieved by a ‘killer app’, but leveraging platforms to create a ‘frictionless’ driving experience, according to an industry panel including AT&T and General Motors.

The discussion, which was hosted by Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider Jasper in San Francisco and also included representatives from ChargePoint and LoJack, examined how the IoT is enabling the connected car ecosystem.

Win Williams, VP IoT...

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Eight predictions for the connected car market by 2020


Connected car solutions company Abalta Technologies has released eight predictions for the connected car market in the run up to 2020 that provides insight on development and growth in the sector.

The eight predictions for the market are:

  • New connected car traffic solutions will finally deliver:  The report argues that, in the future, traffic management systems will be part of the transportation infrastructure – but for the time being, swarm intelligence systems enabling drivers to alert each other of real-time traffic conditions will have “an immediate positive impact” on traffic...

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TomTom and Tech Mahindra showcase driver assistance services


TomTom and Tech Mahindra have come together to showcase their complete Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) service line-up at IAA New Mobility World.

At the IAA event in Frankfurt, Germany, the two firms are showcasing their use cases and demonstrations for connected cars. Mahindra's ADAS offering is the Pedestrian Detection solution, which works with TomTom's BRIDGE hardware connectivity platform to link with other TomTom-powered business applications. BRIDGE has an external...

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Microsoft aims to be the Chief of your Cortana-powered car

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Microsoft plans to partner with Taiwanese partners to launch their connected car platform. Samuel Shen, Chief Operating Officer at the Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, revealed the company has created a prototype car powered by the Cortana virtual assistant. 

During his opening keynote speech at the TechDays Taiwan developer conference, Shen discussed cost being a previous barrier: “We have not launched similar...

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Argus Cyber Security secures $26 million in series B funding


Automotive cyber security firm Argus Cyber Security has gained series B funding worth $26 million as the company looks to respond to market demand and expand its development and customer support teams.

Magna International, Allianz and the SBI Group were the new investors in this round, alongside previous funders Magma Venture Partners, Vertex Venture Capital and RAD Group co-founder Zohar Zisapel.

With the adoption of connected cars and the development of autonomous vehicles, vulnerabilities to...

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Who has made the list of the top 20 connected car companies?


Tech giants Apple and Google, alongside automotive behemoths BMW, Ford and Volkswagen, are among the top 20 connected car companies according to a new market report by Visiongain.

The top 20 companies, according to Visiongain, are Airbiquity, Apple, AT&T, BMW, Broadcom, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler, Ford Motor, General Motors, Google, Honda Motor, Luxoft, OnStar, Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless, Tech Mahindra, Toyota Motor, Verizon Telematics, Visteon and Volkswagen.

The global connected car...

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Car cybersecurity getting critical, yet automakers remain passive


Even though the US government's Security and Privacy in Your Car Act (SPY Car Act) action is being taken to enhance car cyber security, automakers remain passive.

That’s the key finding from a whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan. The SPY Car Act is a major legislative milestone with the potential to protect vehicles that are communicating more with outside architecture and other cars, exposing themselves to cyber security risks. It is focused on setting up hack mitigation and...

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AT&T and ZTE team up for plug-in vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot


AT&T and ZTE USA have announced the launch of a new plug-in Wi-Fi hotspot for vehicles called ZTE Mobley.

The new hotspot will be available online and in-store at AT&T from September 11. It allows up to five devices to access the internet on an AT&T LTE network plan. The device can be plugged into the on-board diagnostics II port of a vehicle, which is available in most vehicles made from 1996.

The device features a Qualcomm MDM9215 processor and connects to...

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Intelligent Telematics introduces driver safety league table


UK-based vehicle tracking and camera systems firm Intelligent Telematics has introduced its new Safety League Table system to report the best and worst drivers in a vehicle fleet.

The new fleet reporting solution for van, car and HGV operators is the first one to combine collision video footage, driver behaviour data and video footage of harsh driving and near misses to compile a driving report.

Intelligent Telematics claims that the Safety League Table is 16 times more powerful and...

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BMW debuts connected car features, includes Gear S2 integration

(Image Credit: BMW)

German automobile maker BMW has unveiled several new connected car features which it hopes will help their vehicles differentiate from competitors. 

The company's flagship vehicles, the BMW i3 and BMW i8, both feature integrated SIM cards through which the vehicle can interact with the internet and the increasing amount of "things" being connected to it as part of the IoT. 

BMW has put a focus on harnessing the latest technologies outside of the company's...

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Bosch develops cloud-based wrong way driver warning system

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Bosch has developed a new cloud-based driver warning system that alerts drivers within seconds if they are going in the wrong direction.

The system was designed in response to a study that found that nearly one-third of all wrong-way accidents took place within 500 metres of the vehicle entering the incorrect lane.

Conventional radio broadcasts often take minutes to warn the driver, which may often prove too late to prevent an accident. The new cloud-based warning system, on the...

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New study on driverless cars questions whether US motorisation has peaked


A new study by the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) indicates that travelling time in the US has been on a decline since 2004, indicating that motorisation in the US may have peaked in that year.

The study looked at travel times using data from the nationwide American Time Use Survey (ATUS), and found that the sum of average travel times associated with all activities dropped by around 10 per cent in 2004-2014.

Interestingly, the decline in total travel...

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INRIX launches INRIX Road Weather to improve driver safety


Big data technology firm INRIX has launched its new INRIX Road Weather service to provide critical road condition information to drivers in Europe and North America.

The new service provides information on road precipitation, surface condition visibility and other characteristics of the road itself, distinguishing itself from other conventional weather information solutions. It also provides road condition update alerts every 15 minutes.

INRIX Road Weather was developed by the...

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