Security experts warn your connected car is easily traceable


Sometimes it’s useful to keep track of where our vehicle is, like when it’s lost in a car park, but on most occasions we just want that information to be available to us alone. Yet a cybersecurity expert has warned that your connected car is not as secure as you would expect, and could reveal your location unless core technology is tweaked.

Dr Jonathan Petit, principal scientist at Security Innovation and researcher at the University of Twente, made the warning after an...

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Smartphone and 4G integration rises in Chinese cars

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The number of Chinese passenger vehicles with telematics capabilities rose 32.1% year-on-year to 1.8 million units in January-September 2015, according to a new report by Research In China.

The report found that 4G LTE technologies and smartphone integration has found wider applications among Chinese passenger vehicles. Manufacturers are also enriching in-vehicle infotainment and networking features for a better user experience.

OnStar dominates the Chinese passenger vehicle...

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Consumer demand and safety mandates to propel value of connected car market


A report from Transparency Market Research argues that the global connected car market will benefit from new avenues with advancements in network technology – however, the key drivers for growth will be consumer demand for connectivity and safety mandates put in place by governments across the globe.

As a result, the report projects that the value of the global connected car market will reach $131.9 billion (GBP 85.4 billion) by 2019. Hindrances to growth will the presence of...

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Connected car features dictating vehicle purchase decisions


A new AT&T Drive Studio and Ericsson study has found that 78% of car buyers worldwide would postpone a purchase by a year in order to benefit from connected car services offered by their preferred brand.

At present, there exists an increase in awareness among consumers across the globe concerning connected car features and their importance in the driving experience. Among US consumers, the Wi-Fi hotspot was the foremost connected car feature in demand.

The study examined purchase...

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Cohda Wireless to launch V2X-Radar for early connected car adopters


V2X technology company Cohda Wireless has developed V2X-Radar, a cost-effective, 360-degree radar to complement V2X connected car systems.

Targeting early adopters and a market that is currently witnessing a low penetration rate, the radar features a 360-degree sensor capable of perceiving buildings, road signs and legacy vehicles.

Key to autonomous vehicles, the radar’s functionality is not challenged by rain, snow and fog. The product ensures visibility around corners and...

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Ford develops V2V system to warn drivers of hazards

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Safety is a big concern with vehicles, whether automated or not. Car manufacturer Ford has developed a V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communications system which can warn other drivers of upcoming hazards and road blockages in real-time to help keep journeys safe, fast, and stress-free for everyone. 

Built in collaboration with St Petersburg State Polytechnic University, the...

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How wireless charging is on the rise in cars


A note from Juniper Research argues that wireless charging will be offered in 50 million cars by 2020, up from just 4 million in 2014.

The study, titled 'Wireless Charging: Opportunities, Applications & Standards 2015-2020', also found that over a third of smartphones in 2020 will have inbuilt wireless charging and even more will have wireless charging enabled through accessories. Laptop makers are also looking to utilise the technology. By 2020, nearly 20% of laptops being used...

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AT&T and ZTE team up for plug-in vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot


AT&T and ZTE USA have announced the launch of a new plug-in Wi-Fi hotspot for vehicles called ZTE Mobley.

The new hotspot will be available online and in-store at AT&T from September 11. It allows up to five devices to access the internet on an AT&T LTE network plan. The device can be plugged into the on-board diagnostics II port of a vehicle, which is available in most vehicles made from 1996.

The device features a Qualcomm MDM9215 processor and connects to...

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Verizon launches into connected car space with Hum


Verizon Telematics has announced the commercial availability of Hum, which promises to be a “smart, connected driving experience for more than 150 million vehicles.”

Hum’s staying power, like a lot of software this publication has assessed in recent weeks, is that it can be connected to practically any car. It can be installed through an onboard diagnostic reader (OBD), with a Bluetooth-enabled device on the visor, which updates drivers with real-time data...

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Driving forward vehicle data transmission: It’s all about standards

Picture credit: HERE

Location and navigation technology provider HERE has convened a forum aimed to foster greater industry collaboration in vehicle sensor data transmission, with the contingent arguing a universal standard needs to be agreed upon.

The forum, involving 16 companies ranging from automotive manufacturers to system vendors, examined a variety of issues from security to data content.

HERE, a Nokia subsidiary, argues the need for an industry standard where vehicle sensor data is ‘ingested by a location...

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