Commercial telematics gains traction in emerging markets


An increase in vehicular crime and rising demand for commercial telematics is driving growth of technology in emerging markets such as China, Russia, Japan, Korea, and India, according to Reportlinker.

Several governments are enforcing stringent regulations and making mandatory the provision of theft protection systems. For example, the Brazilian government has made it compulsory for stolen vehicle tracking to be installed as standard on all new vehicles due to high crime rates in the...

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TomTom and Tech Mahindra showcase driver assistance services


TomTom and Tech Mahindra have come together to showcase their complete Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) service line-up at IAA New Mobility World.

At the IAA event in Frankfurt, Germany, the two firms are showcasing their use cases and demonstrations for connected cars. Mahindra's ADAS offering is the Pedestrian Detection solution, which works with TomTom's BRIDGE hardware connectivity platform to link with other TomTom-powered business applications. BRIDGE has an external...

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Intelligent Telematics introduces driver safety league table


UK-based vehicle tracking and camera systems firm Intelligent Telematics has introduced its new Safety League Table system to report the best and worst drivers in a vehicle fleet.

The new fleet reporting solution for van, car and HGV operators is the first one to combine collision video footage, driver behaviour data and video footage of harsh driving and near misses to compile a driving report.

Intelligent Telematics claims that the Safety League Table is 16 times more powerful and...

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INRIX launches INRIX Road Weather to improve driver safety


Big data technology firm INRIX has launched its new INRIX Road Weather service to provide critical road condition information to drivers in Europe and North America.

The new service provides information on road precipitation, surface condition visibility and other characteristics of the road itself, distinguishing itself from other conventional weather information solutions. It also provides road condition update alerts every 15 minutes.

INRIX Road Weather was developed by the...

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How connected cars will change the economy and jobs landscape


Two conflicting pieces of research have hit Connected CarTech’s inbox this morning. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) claim the development of connected and autonomous vehicles will help generate 320000 jobs in the UK and deliver a £51bn injection to the economy. But what does that mean on a human scale?

Research released by fleet telematics provider Masternaut reveals more than half (55%) of business drivers aged 25-34 are concerned they will be replaced by driverless...

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Gartner: Connected car industry will be booming by 2020


Over the next five years the number of connected cars on the road will rise significantly, making them a major player in the internet of things according to Gartner.

The research and advisory company has forecasted that one in five vehicles across the world will have a wireless network connection by the year 2020, which will equate to 250 million connected cars.

Connected cars are no longer available for the wealthy, with James F. Hines, research director at Gartner, commenting on...

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How the internet of things is becoming intertwined with the connected car


Looking at the recent news from some of the world’s biggest auto manufacturers, it is clear to see just how much progress has been made and how the connected car is revolutionising the in-car experience. At CES in January 2015, GM announced AtYourService, a suite of new OnStar services aimed at allowing retailers and other merchants to promote deals directly to drivers. These promotions include hotel...

Connected cars leave all-new tread tracks for marketers

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The idea of the digital supercomputer car has been around since the 80’s. Characters like Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T had the ability to learn, communicate and even connect with Michael Knight on some emotional level, not bad for a Pontiac Trans Am.

While in the 80’s it seemed that the reality of an intelligent car was only for the magic of television, today we not only have intelligent cars, but are heading towards a future where your car can be your personal...

Consumer worries about insurance telematics privacy on a par with social media

Insurance telematics concerns could simply be sensationalised hyperbole if new research by LexisNexis rings true for the wider population.

The company’s 2014 Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) white paper revealed how consumers’ comfort levels surrounding the sharing of UBI driving data were on a similar level to other internet-related tasks such as online banking and social media.

In fact, both online search data and social media personal rated higher on the study’s concern scale than UBI driving...

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EFF proposals could hinder telematics insurance companies in US

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Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation has moved to dismantle copyright legislation that prevents car owners from tinkering with their own vehicle's software programming.

The USA’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a series of copyright laws that aims to protect the rights of both copyright owners and consumers, restricts access to a car’s electronic control unit (ECU) on the grounds of vehicle safety.

A host of requests have been filed with the...