Automakers condemn tech industry proposal to release 5.9 GHz for Wi-Fi

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An auto industry group has called on President Barack Obama to not change the plan for dedicated short range communication (DSRC) aimed at safer roads that requires setting apart the 5.9 GHz spectrum band towards this end. More than 50 entities signed the letter, including the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Carnegie Mellon University – University Transportation Center, and the...

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TEXA renews agreement for use of Interoute’s network and cloud services


Automotive diagnostics provider TEXA has renewed its agreement with cloud services provider Interoute, with the latter continuing to serve as ICT provider.

TEXA’s product range comprises remote diagnostic tools for trucks, cars, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles and marine engines. TEXA’s TEXA MOBILE Diagnostic (TMD), a small box enabled with GPS and GSM/GPRS, is utilised to locate vehicles, exchange real time information with drivers, as well as monitor components and...

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Sierra Wireless to collaborate with Valeo for next generation telematics

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Automotive products and systems provider Valeo has chosen Sierra Wireless to build and collaborate on the development of next generation telematics control units.

The new units will first find themselves in vehicles built by the global automaker Geely for the Russian market. The solution will power the emergency response system that is required under ERA-GLONASS for new vehicles in Russia. Geely is a multinational automaker with international subsidiaries, including Volvo and...

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Omnitracs aims to further development of commercial telematics with IVG

Picture credit: Omnitracs

Fleet management solutions provider Omnitracs has announced the launch of Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG), aiming to spearhead further innovation in commercial vehicle telematics.

With the rollout of its new integrated application delivery system, Omnitracs is providing transportation and logistics companies with a new commercial vehicle telematics tool that comes with a bigger display, improved wireless connectivity, and hands-free voice commands that facilitate safety, efficiency...

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RAC aims to assuage fears over telematics privacy


Two in five companies polled by automotive services provider RAC say their staff has concerns over perceived privacy issues associated with telematics and 24/7 car tracking systems.

As a result, one in five organisations which run business vehicles say they have not installed telematics software for that reason, while more than half of those polled (52%) say their telematics system does not have the option to be switched off.

In response to these concerns, and in order to facilitate...

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Toyota and Ford to deploy new telematics system


Automotive giants Toyota and Ford are working with Livio on the formulation of a framework to implement Livio’s SmartDeviceLink (SDL) technology.

Toyota will also commercialise a telematics system based on SDL. Toyota and Ford have decided to keep the collaboration open to other automakers and app developers. SDL is an open source platform for smartphone apps and car connectivity that provides customers with in-vehicle use of apps via voice recognition function and...

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Telematics change driver habits, says study


A new study from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) has revealed 56% of surveyed drivers say they have made changes in their driving habits since installing a device provided by their insurer.

38% said that they did not make changes to their driving habits. The survey found that drivers over the age of 65 years were less likely to make changes than younger drivers.

Among the survey respondents with telematics devices from their auto insurers, 82% said that they received information...

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Smartphone and 4G integration rises in Chinese cars

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The number of Chinese passenger vehicles with telematics capabilities rose 32.1% year-on-year to 1.8 million units in January-September 2015, according to a new report by Research In China.

The report found that 4G LTE technologies and smartphone integration has found wider applications among Chinese passenger vehicles. Manufacturers are also enriching in-vehicle infotainment and networking features for a better user experience.

OnStar dominates the Chinese passenger vehicle...

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Asia Pacific to witness fastest growth in global automotive telematics market


A report from Sandler Research on the global automotive telematics market reveals that the demand for connectivity in cars will be one of the major drivers of growth in the industry, ensuring a CAGR of 23.37% between 2014 and 2019.

One of the key selling points for telematics is its role in boosting the in-vehicle experience by providing consistency with the user interface of personal mobile devices. However, the high cost of automobile-embedded telematics is set to offset market...

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