Tesla wants to ramp up car production with new German factory

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Tesla has announced it will have a European presence after acquiring German firm Grohmann Engineering.

The company has increased its output target to half a million cars per year by 2018 and as such, sought out engineering talent in automated manufacturing systems.

After the acquisition, automated manufacturing company Grohmann Engineering will become Tesla Grohmann Automation.

The business will also serve as the first base for...

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How MIPI is aiming to change the future of the connected car


The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in September 2016 announced a new Federal Automated Vehicles Policy “…to help facilitate the responsible introduction of automated vehicles to make transportation safer, cleaner, more accessible, and more efficient.” 

In a report dated September 29, 2016, Gartner shared “The production of new...

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How driverless cars may change pedestrian behaviour


While fully-autonomous cars becoming a mainstream feature in our towns and cities may still be a decade or so away, researchers and governments are already looking at their potential impact in a number of areas.

So far studies have looked at people’s perception of driverless cars, as well as their impact on safety, insurance and the environment.

But one paper that’s just been published has examined autonomous vehicles from a perspective...

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Charge reveals new electric, autonomous-ready truck for 2017

Trucks with self driving capabilities are coming to UK roads as soon as next year, according to Oxford-based auto tech company Charge.

The company builds easy-to-assemble, energy efficient and autonomous-ready smart trucks and are developing some for sale in the UK market in 2017.

It's also opening its first factory next year in Oxford, which it says is "the first of many". 

Charge's trucks range from 3.5 to 26 tonnes and are built using ultra-lightweight composite materials that reduce the...

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Safety first: Why you should change your view on autonomous cars


They’re the cars of the future, but many people are still concerned about the safety of autonomous cars. Can a car that drives itself really be safe and trusted on the road? Set your fears aside, because self-driving cars are actually incredibly safe and could lead to a much safer driving environment for everyone.

New technology

The core of a safe autonomous car is its operating system. Because they don’t rely on a human driver for control, autonomous vehicles have a...

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Cities need to start getting ready for driverless cars now, Atkins says


It's no longer an 'if' but a 'when' driverless and connected cars are on the roads, according to Atkins' technical director Neil Thomas. 

The company, which works with the University of the West of England's VENTURER, is trying out driverless vehicles to examined their feasability in the UK.

It has launched a whitepaper series this week, which will look at the urgent need to understand the full impact of these vehicles on cities around the world and invest in adapted infrastrucure from now...

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Jaguar Land Rover working with Ford and Tata on autonomous vehicle technologies


Jaguar Land Rover has announced it is creating a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles to develop and test a wide range of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies over the next four years.

The company is working in collaboration with Ford and Tata Motors European Technical Centre to allow cars to talk to each other as well as the roadside infrastructure in the future.

Some of the technologies that are being tested are the Advanced Highway Assist, Electronic Emergency Brake...

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What are the challenges facing driverless' cars future?

A new House of Lords select committee inquiry - closing on 26 October - is looking at how the smart technology around driverless cars and drones can evolve into a smart, autonomous transport system for the UK.The economic benefits from a world-leading industry around autonomous vehicles (AVs) have already been mapped out: a potential £51 billion for  the UK economy each...

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New Tesla cars will all have self driving capabilities


Tesla has announced that its Model 3 and all further cars produced by the brand will have fully self driving capabilities. 

New Model S and Model X cars with updated hardware are in production and can be bought as soon as today, it added in a blog post

The self driving hardware will reportedly have eight surround cameras, giving the car a 360 degree visibility of up to a 250 metre range. 

New cars...

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