Consumer demand and safety mandates to propel value of connected car market


A report from Transparency Market Research argues that the global connected car market will benefit from new avenues with advancements in network technology – however, the key drivers for growth will be consumer demand for connectivity and safety mandates put in place by governments across the globe.

As a result, the report projects that the value of the global connected car market will reach $131.9 billion (GBP 85.4 billion) by 2019. Hindrances to growth will the presence of...

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How will connected cars affect the road haulage industry?

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With the potential capabilities of connected vehicle technology, we can hope for a safer, smarter and greener road transport industry.

The vision for connected vehicle technology is to transform and modernise road transport systems to create a future where:

  • Road traffic accidents and fatalities as a result are dramatically reduced
  • Traffic managers being able to access data so they can accurately review transport system performance and actively manage the system in real-time, for optimal performance
  • Drivers have access to accurate, up to date travel...

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Protect data well and get consumer confidence – then connected car potential is limitless


As new technology is developed and connected cars become increasingly popular, the insurance industry, the automotive industry and consumers are all becoming aware of what this might mean. The potential benefits are huge. Tailored insurance premiums, optimised services and personalised feedback are all within reach – but there are some who are concerned about their digital safety and data privacy.

In today’s world, the importance of data security and individuals’ control...

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Industry panel analyses connected car security and app ecosystem


Consumer adoption of connected cars will not be achieved by a ‘killer app’, but leveraging platforms to create a ‘frictionless’ driving experience, according to an industry panel including AT&T and General Motors.

The discussion, which was hosted by Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider Jasper in San Francisco and also included representatives from ChargePoint and LoJack, examined how the IoT is enabling the connected car ecosystem.

Win Williams, VP IoT...

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Eight predictions for the connected car market by 2020


Connected car solutions company Abalta Technologies has released eight predictions for the connected car market in the run up to 2020 that provides insight on development and growth in the sector.

The eight predictions for the market are:

  • New connected car traffic solutions will finally deliver:  The report argues that, in the future, traffic management systems will be part of the transportation infrastructure – but for the time being, swarm intelligence systems enabling drivers to alert each other of real-time traffic conditions will have “an immediate positive impact” on traffic...

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TomTom and Tech Mahindra showcase driver assistance services


TomTom and Tech Mahindra have come together to showcase their complete Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) service line-up at IAA New Mobility World.

At the IAA event in Frankfurt, Germany, the two firms are showcasing their use cases and demonstrations for connected cars. Mahindra's ADAS offering is the Pedestrian Detection solution, which works with TomTom's BRIDGE hardware connectivity platform to link with other TomTom-powered business applications. BRIDGE has an external...

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Argus Cyber Security secures $26 million in series B funding


Automotive cyber security firm Argus Cyber Security has gained series B funding worth $26 million as the company looks to respond to market demand and expand its development and customer support teams.

Magna International, Allianz and the SBI Group were the new investors in this round, alongside previous funders Magma Venture Partners, Vertex Venture Capital and RAD Group co-founder Zohar Zisapel.

With the adoption of connected cars and the development of autonomous vehicles, vulnerabilities to...

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Car cybersecurity getting critical, yet automakers remain passive


Even though the US government's Security and Privacy in Your Car Act (SPY Car Act) action is being taken to enhance car cyber security, automakers remain passive.

That’s the key finding from a whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan. The SPY Car Act is a major legislative milestone with the potential to protect vehicles that are communicating more with outside architecture and other cars, exposing themselves to cyber security risks. It is focused on setting up hack mitigation and...

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Corvette hack: More evidence that in the race for the IoT, security is not in mind?

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In July, this publication reported on the recall of 1.4 million Chrysler cars following an article in Wired whereby a Jeep was remotely exploited by hackers in a controlled experiment, ranging from turning the radio volume to full to cutting the transmission.

At the time, security analysts argued “this won’t be the last patch we see for a car near...

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Chrysler recalls 1.4 million cars after vulnerability: “This won’t be the last patch we see”


Amid the various articles and media hysteria regarding the recall of 1.4 million Chrysler cars after vulnerabilities were disclosed, one executive argues this could be the tip of the iceberg.

Tim Erlin is director of security and product management at Tripwire. He argues Chrysler has an opportunity to make the most out of this incident and pioneer software security for the automotive industry, adding there are known software security best practices. However, he added: “A recall has...

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