Why automakers should boost customer relationship with connected car services


A report from the In-Vehicle UX (IVX) group at Strategy Analytics argues that automakers should utilise connected car services to take customer relationship to the next level.

At present, the spotlight is only on infotainment, location-based services and big data at the OEM. However, automakers now have the opportunity to boost consumer perception of their brands with vehicle-related information and services.

The report sheds light on consumer preference towards vehicle service and...

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Opinion: Managing the wireless test complexity of the Connected Car

(Image Credit: Don McCullough)

The integration of multiple wireless systems into the vehicle is increasing test complexity and as a result automotive manufacturers are facing a wide range of new verification and validation challenges. In the mobile industry, manufacturers typically conduct testing in the early stages of the development cycle, when issues...

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How will connected cars affect the road haulage industry?

Picture credit: Returnloads

With the potential capabilities of connected vehicle technology, we can hope for a safer, smarter and greener road transport industry.

The vision for connected vehicle technology is to transform and modernise road transport systems to create a future where:

  • Road traffic accidents and fatalities as a result are dramatically reduced
  • Traffic managers being able to access data so they can accurately review transport system performance and actively manage the system in real-time, for optimal performance
  • Drivers have access to accurate, up to date travel...

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Who has made the list of the top 20 connected car companies?


Tech giants Apple and Google, alongside automotive behemoths BMW, Ford and Volkswagen, are among the top 20 connected car companies according to a new market report by Visiongain.

The top 20 companies, according to Visiongain, are Airbiquity, Apple, AT&T, BMW, Broadcom, Daimler, Fiat Chrysler, Ford Motor, General Motors, Google, Honda Motor, Luxoft, OnStar, Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless, Tech Mahindra, Toyota Motor, Verizon Telematics, Visteon and Volkswagen.

The global connected car...

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INRIX launches INRIX Road Weather to improve driver safety


Big data technology firm INRIX has launched its new INRIX Road Weather service to provide critical road condition information to drivers in Europe and North America.

The new service provides information on road precipitation, surface condition visibility and other characteristics of the road itself, distinguishing itself from other conventional weather information solutions. It also provides road condition update alerts every 15 minutes.

INRIX Road Weather was developed by the...

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Google admits its self-driving cars have been in 11 accidents in six years

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There’s an old joke about the elderly driver who’s never had an accident in their 60 years on the road – but they’ve seen hundreds of them. Is that ancient gag to be re-applied for self driving cars? Google has admitted that its autonomous cars had been in 11 minor traffic accidents over a six year period, yet was adamant their cars had not been the cause of the accident.

Chris Urmson, principal engineer and software lead for Google’s self-driving car...

The driverless car: The ultimate wearable technology


I sense a revolution on the horizon. A revolution that will slow the advance of technology, but one not stopping the advance. This revolution will redefine who and how the users, consumers, customers will use the next stage of integrated (wearable) convergence technology.

Defining wearable technology

There is, as you can imagine, a broad and somewhat vague definition available of wearable technology. One definition includes the term...

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2014: The year connected cars roared into adolescence


It has been a big year for connected cars. Automakers, handset vendors, app developers and aftermarket CE manufacturers have graduated from a primary education in the best ways to support car and smartphone connectivity. There is now a solid outline of what the future body of connected driving will look like.

As the anatomy fills out, we have learned some critical lessons. Most importantly, smartphones are without question the brain of the connected car organism. They have the...

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EFF proposals could hinder telematics insurance companies in US

Picture credit: iStockphoto

Digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation has moved to dismantle copyright legislation that prevents car owners from tinkering with their own vehicle's software programming.

The USA’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a series of copyright laws that aims to protect the rights of both copyright owners and consumers, restricts access to a car’s electronic control unit (ECU) on the grounds of vehicle safety.

A host of requests have been filed with the...