Comtech announces two Fortune 100 client wins to improve connected car experience


Comtech Telecommunications has announced the arrival of two major Fortune 100 customers to provide location, navigation and messaging to boost the connected car experience.

One of the customers is set to use Comtech’s navigation point-to-point routing and geocoding services. The platform centred on location functions with or without an Internet connection and combines real-time traffic to provide efficient routing. The other customer will use Comtech’s Family Locator to provide connectivity between the family members of consumers. The service allows consumers to zone in on family members’ devices and gain location alerts about the devices. Consumers can view location in bird’s eye, satellite or standard map views.

Comtech’s Look 4 platform facilitates the creation of a scalable, global system among end customers that can be utilised for precise location across a range of industries such as hospitality, medical, logistics, transportation, asset management among others.

Meanwhile, the company’s Cloud Messaging platform, which carries over 700 billion messages annually, is able to offer enterprise customers a reliable and cost-efficient system to provide key messages to their end customers. The messaging platform facilitates a limitless group size for notification and messaging while the platform’s message throttling function secures networks from overload and lost messages.

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