Hella plans to alert drivers when bodywork is damaged


The Hella group has released details of a new system called the Intelligent Damage Detection System that is capable of detecting scratches and dents as they happen.

Depending on the specification, anything from two to 12 sensors are positioned through a car’s body panels. A central control panel is able to detect a pressure being applied to the panel and then decide whether it is rain or something far less innocuous like a scratch.

Using the control module and information technology backend, the top-of-the-range setup can detect both minor and major damages, anything from parking scuffs to hidden chassis problems to a glass breakage or stone stroke.

Multiple use cases

Hella intends to push the system out to multiple use cases with consumers being able to benefit from immediate alerts through a smartphone app when somebody uses a key to vandalise their car, for example. If the car has cameras, a live image of the culprit could be recorded too.

For businesses, manufacturers would have better risk profiling, immediate repair measurements and less personal costs. Whereas fleet companies would have the chance to start repair actions immediately and have optimised vehicle availability.

Elsewhere, insurance companies could benefit from having detailed information at their disposal of the circumstances involved in the damage, while being able to provide claims faster and avoiding fraud.

Connected Car understands that Hella are currently having intensive discussions with a number of potential customers and the company is looking at several different application cases for this technology.

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