Google makes Android Auto APIs available to developers

Picture credit: Google

Prospective car app developers can now get their hands on the first two Android Auto APIs after Google announced their availability.

Android’s car-focused sibling lets drivers extend smartphone apps onto their car dashboard in a way that is optimised for the driving experience, with support for head-unit display, steering wheel buttons and more.

The APIs support Android 5 or higher in a bid to reach across manufacturers, models, and regions, meaning developers only need to tailor their code and design for one set of user experience standards.

Audio and messaging

Audio is the first of the two use cases supported by Google. The idea is to let drivers use their car’s hardware to browse and playback different audio types including music, podcasts and news.

Google’s second API is for messaging apps. It wants drivers to have the option to receive incoming notifications, read messages aloud and send replies using their voice when inside a car running Android Auto.

WhatsApp, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify, TextMe, TuneIn, Joyride and Stitcher have already partnered with Google on Android Auto, whereas any developers that have yet to play with Android Auto can get some background from the Getting Started Guide Google has released.

The search giant also stated that apps extended with Android Auto will not be published immediately, suggesting there are a few kinks still to work out.

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