Volvo trials app concierge service in US

Car connectivity has a lot of benefits. Soon, it could even eliminate the need for you to bring your car for a service, fill it up with fuel or giving it a wash.

That is, at least, the focus on Volvo's pilot programme in the US. It's trialling a concierge service with 300 of its customers starting from this month, who will have access to services via an app.  

This isn't an idea they have pulled out of thin air, though. Volvo's digital innovation labs in the US, Germany and China have been looking at the needs of the company's growing customer base, and carried out a recent survey.  

It found that 70% of customers fancied 'fuelling at their fingertips', while over half want their cars picked up for routine maintenance. Another 49% said they would be interested in having their car moved to another location when desired. And who wouldn't?  

As such, Volvo is offering the pilot ot its XC90 SUV and S90 luxury sedan drivers in San Francisco.

Order via the app

Car owners can use Volvo's purpose-built app to identify what concierge services are available in their area and order them via smartphone. Requests are then sent to an authorised Volvo service provider who will refuel the car, carry out maintenance or other additional services.

The app gives users a one-time digital key, location and time specific and send this to the authorised service provider. When services are complete, the car is locked and the digital key expires.

The car can also be returned to where the customer left it or delivered to a new location at the customer’s request.

“Our approach is a simple one - we aim to make life easier by employing the latest connected technology in an easy-to-use smartphone app. We are taking an open and agile approach to this and welcome collaboration with partners with new and innovative service offers. This is just the beginning,” said Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, vice president of consumer connectivity services at Volvo.


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