Vinli aims to link the connected home with the connected car


Connected car software provider Vinli has announced Vinli Home Connect, which aims to integrate connected home platforms with the connected car.

Regular readers of this publication will recognise Vinli after the startup smashed its Indiegogo campaign efforts for making dumb cars smarter through a $99 device back in June. The Vinli on-board platform and device can be used with major connected home products by Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Icontrol Networks and others, while the new Vinli Home Connect app integrates automation control of elements such as security, lighting and temperature in a single interface, across manufacturers and their platforms.

With car-home integration, home automation settings can also be based on the location of the user and not just the presence of the user at home, powered by the company's 4G/LTE-powered always-on connected car.

Vinli Home Connect enables actions to be promoted if a vehicle within the family network crosses a specific boundary. For instance, the security system could be configured to trigger an alarm if the back door locks, lights turn off, or temperature adjusts. The alarms are sent to the user's smartphone. The house can also start up as the user gets closer home, with the lights turning on, shades opening and temperature adjusting.

Elsewhere, Vinli is moving closer into new vehicle design and manufacturing. The Vinli Carport was announced at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show and was developed as the first cloud-based smart dashboard for OEM suppliers and automotive manufacturers. Carport is open platform and can connect drivers to real-time information on their homes, cars and family.

Mark Haidar, founder and CEO of Vinli, said: "We’re seeing this rapid growth of integrations being developed for the connected home and car markets, but this is creating a fragmentation problem and frustration for the consumer.

"Our team has created an elegant, easy-to-use solution for connected homes in the US and abroad, so consumers can seamlessly manage their network of connected home products and connected vehicles, all from a single source," he added.

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