BlaBlaCar announces database deal with MariaDB to boost performance


Long distance ridesharing service provider BlaBlaCar has announced it is using database provider MariaDB to supplement the company’s exponential growth.

BlaBlaCar is seeing rapid growth as it expands, currently possessing 25 million members across 22 countries, especially in India and Brazil.

Nicolas Blanc, head of platform architecture at BlaBlaCar, is used to enhancing the service for users of its applications while catering to the requirements of development and marketing teams. Blanc added: “Our needs are evolving rapidly, and our database solution must ensure high performance and total availability while at the same time allowing us to quickly and flexibly acquire new data sources. MariaDB is an ally thanks to its flexible and scalable design.”

BlaBlaCar gains consistency, reliability and scalability in its database applications on account of the flexibility of MariaDB’s architecture and the MariaDB Enterprise Cluster in a scenario that includes nearly 250 physical servers and a hundred virtual machines spread across two data centres.

At present, BlaBlaCar transports 10 million passengers per quarter and its application is utilised by over seven million visitors per month. At BlaBlaCar, certain tables handle more than one million logs on a daily basis and the volume of the data archives goes beyond 1.5 Terabytes. The company selected InnoDB as its storage engine, which facilitates the data’s consistency and integrity.

MariaDB streamlines the delivery of aggregated data for business intelligence via the indexing engine Elastic Search via the use of multi-source replication. Blanc added: “Among the key criteria for us was technical expertise and the speed of response. BlaBlaCar did not hesitate to engage with MariaDB. Its technology is proven, we trust them and the service is excellent.”

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